On Serbian Pie means Pita.

A number of Serbian pies are made with phyllo, called "bark" in Serbian language. A common Serbian pie made with phyllo not is called "strudel". To add to the confusion, it is not similar to strudel, but rather to the nut roll. Most commonly you would see two dominant varieties, sometimes made in pairs: Makovnjača (with poppy seeds) and strudel with nuts (with walnuts).

A Serbian pie could, in general, be called in two ways: according to its mode of preparation, and according to its filling (although not every pie is prepared with every filling). For example, a "pumpkin" is a pie filled with pumpkin and could refer to either a strudel (made of rolled phyllo) or a loaf (made of rolled dough). Both sweet and salty pies are made, and some pies could be prepared in the same way with either sweet or salty filling.

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